HardyWeinburgPractice - a. 0.49 b. 0.42 c. 0.09 d. 0.70 4....

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Sample Problems using Hardy-Weinberg Equation 1. If you have a population (NOT in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium) of 800 brown tree snakes, and 450 are homozygous dominant for brown belly scale color ( BB ), 320 are heterozygous ( Bb ), and 30 are homozygous recessive ( bb ). Calculate the allele frequencies for this population. B allele: ___________ b allele: ____________ 2. Now, calculate the genotype frequencies. BB _____________ Bb ______________ bb ________________ Is this population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? ____________ 3. In a population of Hobbits, with two alleles, R and r , for foot hairiness, the allele frequency of r is 0.3. What would be the frequency of heterozygotes if the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
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Unformatted text preview: a. 0.49 b. 0.42 c. 0.09 d. 0.70 4. In a population of armadillos that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for two alleles, C and c, (which code for highway-crossing skills) 25% show a recessive trait (tendency to become roadkill). Assuming C is dominant to c , what percent show the dominant trait? a. 0.50 b. 0.25 c. 0.75 d. 0.125 5. A stable island population consists of 1000 individuals. Sixty-four percent of these individuals express the dominant phenotype, curly hair. a. What are the allele frequencies for the dominant and recessive alleles? b. What percent of those individuals with curly hair are homozygous? (Be careful!)...
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HardyWeinburgPractice - a. 0.49 b. 0.42 c. 0.09 d. 0.70 4....

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