Exam1Outline - Bio112Sect1.oo3 L1 Intro I Biology =...

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Bio112Sect1.oo3 L1 Intro I Biology = scientifc study oF liFe (liFe = organisms) II Science 1 based on observation/Fact 2 based on logic inductive reasoning deductive reasoning 3 must be testable Scientifc Method = observation, deductive reasoning, hypothesis testing III Major Observations in Biology 1 organisms are specialized For their environments (adaptations) 2 organisms are highly diverse 3 organisms have similar characteristics (homology) IV Evolution 1 as Fact: changes in gene Frequencies over time (also = to MICROEVOLUTION) 2 as theory: mechanisms that produce patterns oF change descent with modifcation modern synthesis (genetic basis oF inheritance and population genetics) 3 A theory is: highly successFul hypothesis well supported makes predictions can be tested I Historical Context 1 1700's view oF world 2 1750-1850 lots oF changes to world view birth oF paleontology! organisms not arranged linearly, arranged hierarchically (Linnaeus) organisms not static, they evolve (Lamark, and frst Fossil records, Lyell) organisms have gone extinct (Lyell) II Darwin's Observations 1 adaptive evolution 2 Fossil record-descent with modifcation 3 homology 4 galapagos islands (biogeography! and adaptive radiation) III Origin oF Species 1 mechanism oF evolution-natural selection variation in traits traits heritable all populations can produce more oFFspring than the environment can support (in±uence oF Malthus) = diFFerential (survival) and reproduction ( ftness) = accumulation oF Favorable traits in the population over time ( adaptations ) 2 concept oF evolution descent with modifcation aFter vast amount oF time all organisms From one original ancestor L3 Evolution I Post Darwin 1 The Modern Synthesis=1930's, genetic basis oF evolution = genetics, mathematics and population genetics added to Darwin's theoretical Framework genetic driFt, stabilizing selection (everything we go into in Lectures 4-8!) 2 Evolutionary research is still (and will probably always be) continuing. ..DNA & sequencing oF genomes, modern genetics
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Exam1Outline - Bio112Sect1.oo3 L1 Intro I Biology =...

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