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are171a-homework-4 - A RE 171A Fall 2010 HOMEWORK...

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ARE 171A Fall 2010 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 4 DUE Wednesday, Dec. 1st. in class M. Whitney 1. (34) Look up the following stocks at Yahoo Finance http://finance.yahoo.com/, by typing their ticker symbols into the "quote" box: Air France (AKH) AT&T(T) Chiquita Brands (CQB) e-Trade (ETFC) Goodyear Tire and Rubber (GT) Macy's (M) Medtronic (MDT) Proctor and Gamble (PG) Sundance Resources (SDL.AX) Wells Fargo (WFC) a. (27) For each firm above, find its beta estimate; current stock price; market capitalization; price to earnings ratio (trailing), if any; trailing annual dividend rate, if any; and the % change in its price over the past 52 weeks. These can be found by clicking "key statistics" for each stock. Also" look under "profile", and find where its corporate headquarters are located, how many full-time employees it has, and what its main products or services are. (A sentence or less is enough to describe what the firm does) Note that some of the above numbers may vary slightly, depending on which date you do your assignment. Also, some items may be unavailable.
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