Exam+1 - Soil Science 10 Midterm Exam #1 Mark each...

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Midterm Exam #1 Mark each statement true or false. Each correct answer is worth 2 points (20 points total). 1. For a given soil, compaction from heavy vehicles will be more severe when the soil is dry as compared to when the soil is wet. 2. Biota (living organisms) have little effect on the rates of chemical weathering. 3. Bulk density is not affected by the amount of organic matter contained in a soil. 4. Oxidation and reduction reactions involve the transfer of electrons. 5. Energy is lost from the soil surface in the form of long-wave radiation. 6. Alluvium is classified as a “sorted” parent material. 7. Soils formed in granitic glacial till will be more highly weathered and develop than soils formed from granitic bedrock , assuming all other soil forming factors are constant. 8. In California, slopes having a south aspect (i.e., south-facing slopes) are warmer and drier than slopes with a north aspect. 9. B horizons generally have more clay than the overlying A horizons. 10. Redoximorphic features occur in soils that experience continuous water saturation and the absence of oxygen. Points (6) 11. Which soil would have a higher albedo? 10YR 2/2 or 10YR6/2 Which soil is likely to have greater organic matter concentration? 10YR 2/2 or 10YR 6/2
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Exam+1 - Soil Science 10 Midterm Exam #1 Mark each...

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