Problem+set+8 - 5 3 5 2 _______ Soil B 5 19 8 4 4 _______...

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Name: _________________________________________ Problem Set #8 Due: Wednesday, December 1 st 1. Plant nutrients get to the root by three principal mechanisms. For each of the three diagrams, indicate which mechanism is depicted. No explanation required. 2. For each of the three soils, determine whether the soil is saline, sodic, or saline/sodic. Use the exchangeable sodium percentage to determine if the soil is sodic. Note, exchangeable cation concentrations are given as cmol of charge, not as cmol of the cation. Thus, you do not need to account for the charge of each individual cation in your calculations! Exchangeable Cations EC Ca 2+ Mg 2+ Na + K + ESP% --dS/m-- ----------------------- cmol c /kg ------------------------- ________________________________________________________________________________ Soil A 2
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Unformatted text preview: 5 3 5 2 _______ Soil B 5 19 8 4 4 _______ Soil C 2 23 6 10 1 _______ ________________________________________________________________________________ Soil A Soil B Soil C Saline (Yes/No) ________ Sodic (Yes/No) ________ Show your calculation of ESP%: (more questions on back) 3. During the reclamation of sodic soils, gypsum (CaSO 4 . 2H 2 O) is applied to the soil. Provide two reasons for why gypsum is added to sodic soils? 4. Which of the following soil conditions would most likely experience greater water erosion? Provide a brief explanation for why you made your choice. a. Sand loam or Silt loam b. Soil with 30% slope or Soil with 5% slope c. Soil with no-till management or Soil with conventional tillage management d. Soil with 1% organic matter or Soil with 5% organic matter...
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Problem+set+8 - 5 3 5 2 _______ Soil B 5 19 8 4 4 _______...

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