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Case Study: Cirque du Soleil 1. SWOT analysis of the case. Their strength was that they have maintain their amusing performance of artistic/ exotic shows over the years with a plus point, the performers are their talented employees itself. They have returned profit in the 20 years history of doing shows. They’re financially stable with great market and well-known. Each show has a stage life of 10 to 12 years with technology equipped database of 20,000 talent scouts from all over the world. Its leadership system was also a thumb up together with the help of creative production staff. There are also weaknesses in every business, and in this case I assume they did not promote their business (they do but it did not make a big effect on advertising side). Also, they have
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Unformatted text preview: same story line performance of a series that was showed on the cable television channel Bravo which has already won an Emmy (in which the watchers/audience might get bored of it and thinks nonsense). Overtime, as the production cost gets higher, the ticket prices have obviously increased. After examining the case, the opportunities they have are to promote artistic traditional culture performance to international audiences which opens an expansion of market. This leads to building of new facilities and world tours, so as to online service of the business. But threats may appear such as competition which might grow between the companies opening up same businesses where shows can be similar to what they have in Cirque du Soleil....
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