study_guide_final_exam - Business model of Facebook What is...

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ISOM231 Study Guide - Final Exam ONLINE CONTENT PROVIDERS network scalability 4 factors that required to charge for content the business model of newspapers in the internet age Digital Right Management (DRM) How Napster, Kazaa and BitTorrent work YouTube's business models and some of the difficulties it faces Netflix’s business model AUCTION Dynamic Pricing, Fixed Pricing, Trigger Pricing, Utilization Pricing Benefits of Auction Solutions to monitoring cost of auction and proxy bidding Biases in Dynamically Priced market English auction, Sealed-bid auction, Vickery auction, Reverse auction, "name your own price" auction Dutch Internet Auction Factors determine auction seller profits Winner's regret, Seller's lament, Loser's lament Shill bidding, shill feedback,bid rigging Ebay's business models and its business strategy SOCIAL NETWORK The "first" social network ( Classification of social network based on activities Some of the ways social network sites make money
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Unformatted text preview: Business model of Facebook What is social operating system and why Google is wary of Facebook PAYMENT SYSTEMS Desired property of money Differences between Fiduciary vs. Scriptural money In table 5.6, study the financial risk, merchant risk, float, anonymity, authentication, refutability for credit card, cash, personal check and debit card digital cash How Paypal works, its business models, strategy and competitors E-SECURITY Six dimensions of e-security The three points of vulnerability in e-commerce environment Trojan horse, worm The 3 types of viruses Spyware and Adware The 3 types of hackers social engineering & phishing Denial of service Difference between secret key and public key encryption Limitations of secret key encryption and public key encryption Hash digest, digital signatures, and digital envelop (see the "formulas") Certificate Authority (CA) limitations of PKI Format of the exam There are 60 MC questions and some short essay questions....
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study_guide_final_exam - Business model of Facebook What is...

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