Ethanol+from+corn - Production of bioethanol from Corn...

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Production of bioethanol from Corn Project goal: The goal is to design a fermentation process for the production of ethanol for use as an automotive fuel (E10, E15 or E85). It is to be based on the use of corn-derived glucose as the raw material for a yeast fermentation to ethanol. The project should examine alternative routes to produce pure ethanol at concentrations above the azeotrope (95 wt %). Base your design on a plant to produce 100 million gallons of ethanol. This plant is to be located in the Nebraska, and will provide fuel for local townships. Main Objectives: Review the background to alternative fuels production from renewable resources, and the tax credits and incentives available. Design a production process for ethanol production from corn-derived glucose using yeast as the catalyst. Provide o Process flow diagrams o Mass and energy balances Perform economic analysis of the manufacturing process to determine the manufacturing cost per gallon of ethanol. This should include charges for waste treatment, and credits for sale of by-products. Fuel Ethanol Production background:
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Ethanol+from+corn - Production of bioethanol from Corn...

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