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GEA Wiegand GmbH GEA Evaporation Technologies Distillation Technology
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2 Distillation Technology Contents The separation or extraction of individual substances from liquid mixtures has been practised for centuries, most notably for the production of alcohol. Distillation and rectification technologies are consequently applied as follows: Distillation is the separation of the constituents of a liquid mixture by partial vaporization and subsequent condensation, taking ad- vantage of differences in volatility. Rectification is the multiple distillation of liquids in direct contact with steam in counterflow. Apart from the production of beverage alcohol, distillation technology is frequently encountered in the Chemical, Pharma- ceutical, Food and Beverage, and Environmental Technology industries. Another important aspect is for the production of bioethanol as environmentally friendly fuel. New products such as hollow fibres – required for artificial kidneys, new production processes – e.g. for battery foils, and increased environmental requirements provide ongoing challenges for distillation technology. The demands of known products may change, necessitating new technologies. Alcohol as a fuel additive, for example, must be virtually free of water. For this reason, there are no universally applicable solutions for every user. For each system it is consequently of central importance to provide the concept that meets particular indivi- dual requirements. Research and Development 2 Applications for GEA Wiegand Distillation Plants 3 Plant Components 4 Specification of Distillation Plants 9 Technologies and Concepts 10 Unit Operations for Starch and Fermentation Products 11 Applications in the Chemical/Pharmaceutical and Food Industries 12 Engineering, Design and Automation 14 Manufacture, Transport, Erection, Commissioning and After-sales Service 15 Research and Development GEA Wiegand has its own Research and Development Centre, where numerous laboratory and pilot plants are available for detailed analyses and testing in the fields of distillation and evaporation. At the R & D Centre, important physical char- acteristics such as boiling point elevation, surface tension, solu- bility and maximum achievable concentration are determined. Certain pilot plants are available as mobile units and can there- fore be installed at a customer's site. Data is captured and plant operating behaviour modelled by means of the latest com- puter programs. Tests are performed in different types of evaporators and distillation columns. In addition, a fermentation plant is also available. Experience has been acquired through more than 3,000 tests to date. The alphabetical list of products ranges from acetone/al- cohol mixtures to zinc dichloride.
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