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ACC 5130 Spring Session 2010 MINIQUIZ: BYTEWORTHY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Byteworthy Manufacturing Company has many production departments. In each department: 1. Each work-order is associated with one specific department. 2. When a work-order is initiated, it is assigned to one or more employees. 3. An employee may work on several work-orders concurrently. 4. Each employee may have one or more dependents. The following information is maintained in Byteworthy's database: 1. Department a. Dept# b. Dept-name
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Unformatted text preview: c. Reports-to (To whom the department manager reports) 2. Emp (Employee) a. ID# b. Emp-name c. Sex d. Class (Job classification) e. Rate (Hourly pay rate) 3. Dependent a. Dep-name b. Dep-age c. Relation (Relationship to the employee) 4. Work-order a. Job# (Unique only within a department) b. Job-desc c. Start-date d. Costs (Total costs incurred to date) REQUIRED : Present the database for Byteworthy Manufacturing Company in Third Normal Form. Be sure to underline the key of each table. (N030305B)...
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