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1 Byteworthy Manufacturing: Solution Department (Dept# , Dept-name, Reports-to) Emp (ID# , Emp-name, Sex, Class, Dept#) Job-class (Class , Rate) Dependent (ID# , Dep-Name , Dep-age, Relation) Work-order (Dept# , Job# , Job-Desc, Start-date, Costs) Assignment (Job# , ID# ) One-to-Many (1:N) Relationship ± Each department may have many employees. ± Each employee is assigned to only one department. ± The key of the “one” table is added to the “many”
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Unformatted text preview: table: Department ( Dept# , Dept-name, Reports-to) Emp (ID# , Emp-name, Sex, Class, Dept# ) Dept# in the Emp table is called a foreign key. Many-to-Many (N:N) relationship Each employee may be assigned to many work orders. Each work order may have many employees assigned to it. A separate table is needed: Assignment (Job# , ID# )...
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