week 10 - network_outline

week 10 - network_outline - ACC 7145 Fall Semester 2010 Dr....

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ACC 7145 – Fall Semester 2010 – Dr. M. Stern Computer Networks The context for this presentation Learning Units in this Course The Units Conceptual foundations AIS applications Data modeling Control and audit of AIS Developing AIS Controls are most effective if they are part of the AIS design. IT Components of the AIS: Understanding the basics of networking technology is a prerequisite to doing AIS design and control work. AIS applications Relational database Network environment A Networking Model ISO: International Standards Organization OSI: Open Systems Interconnection Seven layers Application: User is entering an invoice. Presentation Session Transport Network: IP Data Link: Ethernet Physical: Unshielded, twisted-pair cable What’s most important about the OSI model? A common language for talking about networks There are multiple layers. Protocols at any given layer run on top of protocols at lower layers. Ethernet: The most popular LAN implementation Versions of Ethernet 10BaseT: 10 Mbps 100BaseT 100 Mbps Most common version today Copyright © 2005-2010 by Myles Stern. All rights reserved.
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2 Ethernet (continued) Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mbps Feasible today and potentially useful 10-Gigabit Ethernet Star Physical Topology Unshielded, twisted-pair cable Category 5 Category 5e
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week 10 - network_outline - ACC 7145 Fall Semester 2010 Dr....

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