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weekly ocean review 2 summary - Katrina was just one of 28...

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Week 2: Aug 31-September 5, Weekly Ocean News Summary by Matthew Davidson NASA GFFC: Hurricane Katrina: A NASA Satellite Video Retrospective Five years later, NASA is revisiting Hurricane Katrina with a short video that shows the storm as captured by NASA satellites. According to the article, by the time the hurricane subsided, Katrina had claimed more than 1,800 human lives and caused roughly $125 billion in damages. The video that is the primary focus of the article goes into great detail about what NASA looks at when it comes to Hurricane research.
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Unformatted text preview: Katrina was just one of 28 named tropical cyclones during the 2005 hurricane season, but due to the tragedy that the hurricane caused it will go down in infamy. Many positive advancements in Hurricane emergency preparation have been brought about because the lack of planning that preceded Katrina. However, the many people of the Gulf Coast are still dealing with the aftermath 10 years later....
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