BIO271 Exam 2 - Exam 2 (with answers) BIO252 Animal...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 2 (with answers) BIO252 Animal Physiology- Past Exam Questions 1. The resting membrane potential A. occurs only in nerve and muscle cells. B. is the same in all cells. C. is oriented so that the cell's interior is positive with respect to the extracellular fluid. D. requires the separation of most of the cell's charged particles. E. none of the above. 2. For an action potential to occur, A. the stimulus must reach or exceed threshold. B. Na+ influx must exceed K+ efflux. C. the membrane must be out of the relative refractory period. D. A and B. E. A, B and C. 3. During the rising phase of an action potential, A. Voltage-gated Na+ channels open. B. Voltage-gated K+ channels open. C. Voltage-gated Na+ channels close. D. Voltage-gated K+ channels close. PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0 S o l d o n l y d i r e c t l y b y T o m ( T o m . C o u r s e s @ g m a i l . c o m ) , a n y o n e e l s e s e l l i n g i s a t h i e f E. A and D. 4. Which of the following statements concerning the rate of action potential propagation is true? A. It is faster in large-diameter axons than in small-diameter ones. B. It is faster for a strong stimulus than for a weak one. C. It is faster in myelinated nerve fibres than in non-myelinated ones. D. A and C. E. A, B and C. 5. The pacemaker of the heart is normally the A. sinoatrial node. B. atrioventricular node. C. mitral valve. D. bundle of His....
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BIO271 Exam 2 - Exam 2 (with answers) BIO252 Animal...

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