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1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment 2 Final Draft October 4, 2007 Expression and Transgression Going into your own world is a beautiful thing. A world in which we are free from our distractions, free from our problems and free from our struggles is a place we all strive to find. The women that join Azar Nafisi in her home every week find this ideal world. Not only are their weekly meetings a way for them to escape from the restrictions the government placed on them, it is also a way for them to express themselves as individuals at the same time. Virginia Postrel explores and analyzes forms of expression in her essay “Surface and Substance.” Azar Nafisi and her community of students experience a very powerful form of expressing themselves every week when they met. When groups of people who strongly believe in the same ideas and principles like Azar Nafisi and her students did, going against the rules or government, or transgression, becomes a much greater possibility. Transgression happens when a group who believes in the same things come together and express their inner most feelings with each other. Life needs variation. A world in which everyone and everything is the same would get boring and would become unoriginal. A discussion in a room where everyone was identical would go absolutely nowhere. They would all have the same ideas and principles and everyone would agree. On the other side of things, a group of people with different backgrounds and personalities, the discussion would be much more productive. Someone can disagree and lay out their opinion to the group and it puts a whole new perspective on the argument. Azar Nafisi thought of the variety in her group of students “as the class’s great achievement that such a mixed group, with different and at times conflicting backgrounds, personal as well as religious
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2 and social, remained so loyal to its goals and ideals.” (342). Without these “conflicting backgrounds” this group definitely would not have went nearly as far with these meetings as they did. The fact that this community of woman was so diverse opened up many possibilities for these students to open up express themselves and feel unique. Expression and individuality is what made this group special. Everyone was different, yet they were all so committed to the same thing that it just made it a very pleasant environment for everyone involved to be in. Virginia Postrel explores the beauty of expression in her essay “Surface and Substance.” She sees aesthetics and beauty as a form of expression. “How we deal
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Expos Rough Draft 2 - 1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment...

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