ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA_jan 12 - • Wrote Act for...

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ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA Enlightenment Faith in science and human progress Faith in rationality, questioning authority International discussion of human rights Awareness of history and philosophy Economic and social structures in flux Scientific Revolution: Isaac Newton Political philosophy: John Locke (1632-1704) Treatises Of Government, 1690, Individuals have natural rights, and government is a compact between rulers and the governed. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Philadelphia printer, writer, diplomat, scientist Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 President of US 1801-1809 Religious instruction by tutor First sent away from home to Latin school at age 9 Following father’s dying wish, sent to small classical academy just before age 15 Went to William and Mary Dr. William Small exposed Jefferson to Enlightenment ideas Jefferson’s Career Educated at College of William & Mary; becomes a lawyer Virginia House of Burgesses 1768 Continental Congress 1775 Virginia House of Delegates 1776 Governor of Virginia (1779-1781)
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Unformatted text preview: • Wrote Act for Establishing Religious Freedom • Wrote Notes on the State of Virginia • Commissioner, then minister, to France (1784-89) • Secretary of State under Washington (1790-1794) • Vice-President under John Adams (1797-1801) • President (1801-1809). Jefferson as an Enlightenment Man • Public Service • Rationality (Declaration of Independence, Statute for Religious Freedom) • Science and Discovery (Notes on the State of Virginia , Lewis and Clark) • History and Aesthetics (Monticello, University of Virginia) Jefferson as a Contradictory Figure • Slaveholder who declared “All Men are Created Equal” • Devoted husband and father who had long-term relationship with enslaved woman, Sally Hemings and fathered her children • Believer in change and innovation who helped create long-term American institutions Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom Notes on the State of Virginia , 1785 Monticello University of Virginia...
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ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICA_jan 12 - • Wrote Act for...

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