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coke - It is true multinational company with global...

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Evaluate the impact of globalization and management across the borders for coca-cola. The globalization has fostered the concept of borderless market. Globalization encompasses expansion of business globally; giving up the distinction between the domestic market and the foreign market and developing a global outlook of the business; searching and setting the production and other facilities of the global business, irrespective of national considerations; planning product development and production on the global market consideration; global sourcing of factors of production i.e. raw materials, technology, finance etc, are obtained fro the best source anywhere in the world; and global direction of organizational structure and management culture. Coca Cola is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketer of non-alcoholic drinks, syrups etc; and is also a distributor of the above range of products.
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Unformatted text preview: It is true multinational company with global presence in over 200 countries. The ongoing innovation and development in its product line helps to satisfy customers more efficiently and effectively, by fulfilling their demand. Globalization has helped company to earn increased revenue, occupy wide market share and new market opportunity with the expansion of business across the globe. The major of revenue earn by the company is through international business and more focus is given on localisation of product than offering a standard product to all customers of diversified segments. Along with this, it also impacts company to have good relationship with the foreign country government, so as to expand their operation. Globalization has also affected company with increased competition among firms of same business line....
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