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1 MGT/330 January 17, 2010 University of Phoenix Procter & Gamble: Control Mechanisms
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2 The function of control is used to ensure that employees are working to meet an organization’s goals and to make any necessary changes. The control cycle that is used by managers has four basic steps. These steps are: setting standards, measuring employee performance, comparing that performance to the standards, and taking action when there are deviations. Taking action includes providing feedback to employees. Types of control systems include bureaucratic, market , and clan. Bureaucratic control systems can utilize feedforward, concurrent, or feedback controls based on the type of good or service. Market control systems use mechanisms designed around pricing and economy . Clan control systems involve the role of the organization’s culture in employee performance as it relates to goals. It is important to use multiple approaches for more efficient managerial control. Reactions to these controls can be mixed as all control mechanisms affect every function of management. Procter & Gamble effectively uses empowerment, audits, disclosure controls, and written regulations and procedures to control the organization’s employees. Proctor and Gamble uses four control functions, which are empowerment, audit, disclosure and written formal procedures and regulations. Although there are few differences there are many comparisons. Procter and Gamble is an organization that believes in what you do
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MGT330+TeamA+Wk+5+Paper - Running head: PROCTER &...

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