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response- defense mechanism - which he has to suffer loss...

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As a leader you have to be able to pick up on changes in your people and the underlying reasons for the change in behavior. Many of the personal protections we habitually use to guard against hurt, harm or humiliation are known as defense mechanisms. Can you think of any defense mechanisms that you may be familiar with or have seen in the past? (150 words) Solution: Following are some of the defense mechanisms:- 1. Avoidance: this includes avoidance of uncertain circumstances or engaging in some unnecessary punishments. If an individual will try to refuse to encounter situations, objects and activities then it help him to be away from unavoidable situations. 2. Compensation: like if an individual has suffered from some problem due to
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Unformatted text preview: which he has to suffer loss then as a leader, we should try to compensate it so that they can be able to overcome that problem and they should be encouraged to do work in their own way. 3. Devaluation: if an individual tries to find some negative qualities in himself then only he may be able to overcome in the situations. This is the best way to defense your self in every situation. 4. Displacement: this is quite satisfactory and workable mechanism which tries to shift the emotional component from one object or idea to another. If an individual is angered by his leader and after returning to his home, he punishes his child which should be avoided or ignored....
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