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A former colleague shared an interesting CBS News article regarding generation X and Y in the workplace. The article states: "Everyone surveyed worried about job security. Gen X and Gen Y were most likely to complain about pay. But a "lack of career progress," was by far the biggest gripe from Gen Xers, with 40 percent giving that as a reason for their restlessness, compared with 30 percent of Gen Yers, 20 percent of baby boomers and 14 percent of senior workers." Do you agree with this perspective? What does it mean for the workplace and your leadership? It is safe to say that different generations have different concerns and perspective as it relates to what is important and what is not. Answer: Yes I completely agree with this perspective. Gen X and Gen Y here are people of different generations and we know that no person ever is fully satisfied with their work. Every individual has some or the other issues to complain about. In a workplace people of different ages and
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Unformatted text preview: generations work together, so it’s obvious and natural that they have generation gap which leads to different concerns and perspectives. The thoughts of people from various age groups differ and differ on a large scale, so a proper leadership is not possible. As the leader may belong to a particular generation and the employees to other, so there is going to a lot of mismatch in their thoughts and ideas. This may lead to differences between various people in the workplace. The new and present generation people are technically more qualified so they get a better say in the workplace and so it is by the classification of every individual that they have positions and problems in the workplace. Every age has its own different sets of complaints, which at time are true and unavoidable....
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