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response leadership and rules

response leadership and rules - procedures that are useful...

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Many may view the enforcement of company policies and procedures and the consequences that go along with failure to comply as a form of negative reinforcement. Do we need negative reinforcement? When is it appropriate? We all know that employees will not conduct themselves in a certain manner unless there is a reason or consequence for not conforming to certain behavioral or performance norms. Why do we need rules in the first place? Rules and regulations are extremely important in an organization in order to maintain equality, justice, discipline and most importantly ethicality in the organization. In case of there not being any rules and regulations it is very difficult to maintain uniformity as well as formulate
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Unformatted text preview: procedures that are useful in case of standardizing the ethical aspects in the firm. In case of there being no ethics and discipline, it would become very difficult to ensure safety and justice to all of the employees. In spite of making rules and regulations, its implementation and success can be ensured only when negative reinforcement is adapted as unless and until fear and punishment are not evident employees would not be prudent enough to follow the rules and regulations strictly. So, negative reinforcement helps in the process of motivating the employees or discouraging them from doing things that are against the rules and regulations of the organization....
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