HM 421 Syllabus

HM 421 Syllabus - D epartment of Hospitality and Tourism...

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Department of Hospitality and Tourism C OURSE : HM 421: Food, Cuisine and Culture in California, (GE) I NSTRUCTOR : Dr. Colin Johnson S EMESTER : Spring 2010 P HONE : 415 338 6084 C LASS S CHEDULE : Lectures available from Monday evening, E MAIL [email protected] SCHEDULE N UMBER : 14156 O FFICE : BUS 345 C LASSROOM On-line class O FFICE H OURS : Mondays &Tuesdays, 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00 (or by appointment) Course Notes, Assignments, Listserv, Grades: a. Course Description: SFSU 2009-10 Bulletin : Course includes the cultural and historical heritage of the food and wine industries in California, ethnic preferences for food and wine as they relate to immigration patterns, and cultural aspects of dining preferences for pleasurable eating in California. Presentation of materials will include textbooks, guest lectures, videos, lectures, and classroom discussions/exercises. 2. Student learning outcomes: By the completion of the course, students will be able to: 1. Outline the food and wine industry in California. 1
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Discuss the crucial role of culture, including ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status in determining food choices. 3. Describe food, wine and culture in the foodservice and wine industries in California. 4. Discuss the importance of culture, food habits, society and body image and the common problem of obesity and anorexia nervosa 5. Evaluate the history and culture of major California wines and their history: Northern and Central coastal region, Great Central Valley region, Southern California region. 6. Describe the classifications of wines and their cultural origins; steps of the wine growing, wine making and fermentation processes at the wineries; and sensory sciences of wine. 7. Suggest the appropriate interaction of wine with various cultural food components, such as seafood, poultry, meats, and other foods. 8. Describe wine and food service styles that reflect cultural heritage. 9. Describe the specific cultures in California in terms of food and wine preferences, dining and table etiquette, taboos, and factors affecting these preferences. Topics covered include: a. California Native American Food and Culture b. Mexican/Central American, Spanish and Portuguese Food and Culture c. Northern, Southern, Central European and Middle Eastern Food and Culture 3. Text: Reader –Please see SFSU bookstore: Course reader “HTM 421 Food, wine and culture in California”. 4. Class Format: This is an on-line class. The lectures will be videoed and made available through ilearn The videoed class will consist of a combination of lectures, class discussions, and group/individual presentations. The class sessions will be augmented by guest speakers, videos, and other resources as appropriate. 5.
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HM 421 Syllabus - D epartment of Hospitality and Tourism...

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