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PGE 312 - SPRING 2010 Physical and Chemical Behavior of Petroleum Fluids I Test #2 Solution Key Problem 1 (40 points) Figure 1 shows the Pressure – Temperature diagrams for five hydrocarbon fluids labeled A, B, C, D and E. Also shown on the figure are the initial reservoir pressure (P R ), the reservoir temperature (T R ), the critical point for each fluid and the separator pressure and temperature. a. Classify the hydrocarbon fluids. A. Dry gas B. Wet gas C. Retrograde condensate gas D. Volatile oil E. Black oil Figure 1. P-T diagrams for five hydrocarbon fluids. 1
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b. Table 1 shows the compositions of four of the five hydrocarbon fluids of Figure 1. For reference purposes, the fluids have been labeled as Fluid 1, Fluid 2, Fluid 3 and Fluid 4. Determine which fluid in Table 1 belongs to which P-T diagram in Figure 1 and fill out the table below. Note: Because of the limited time for the test, do not spend time to justify your classification on this occasion. Just fill out the table.
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PGE312_Spring_2010_Test_2_Solution_Key - PGE 312 SPRING...

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