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LEASE COUNT THE NUMBER OF P AGES . T HERE ARE 7 PAGES TOTAL INCLUDING THE P KA T ABLE Chemistry 215 Name ___________________________________ Second Examination LAST FIRST please print clearly please print clearly May 28, 2008 Signature ________________________________ (1.5 hr; 120 points) ID No. _______________________ Please CHECK OFF your laboratory section: Put an “X” here if you are not in Chem 216: _____ 130 Sarah Simmons 131 Aireen Romu 132 Kristy Bojazi 133 Yuta Suzuki 135 Cheryl Moy/Jing Chen 136 Jonathan Mahlow 137 Travis Clark In case of Fire Alarm, not enough sleep last night, can’t remember a reagent, or general Ahhh! Push below: Prob Pts Score GSI I 24 \___ _/ _____ II 27 \___ _/ _____ III 25 \___ __/ _____ IV 18 \___ __/ _____ V 26 \___ __/ _____ Total 120 \____ _/ _____ Please read each question carefully and answer it completely and clearly. Complete Lewis structures are acceptable for answers unless you are given other specific instructions. Precision in drawing is an important skill in the communication of organic chemistry concepts. Double-check any three-dimensional representations to ensure you are implying an unequivocal direction of bonding. Do not forget to include important features such as nonbonding lone electron pairs and formal charges when appropriate. Individual point values are given in the corner of each answer space. The exam has 6 pages in addition to this cover. A pK
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2011 for the course CHEM 210 taught by Professor Kiste during the Spring '10 term at Michigan Flint.

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