Exam 2 2000 - C hemistry 2 IO p , uSecond E xaminatioZ Dr.B...

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Chemistry 2IO Dr. Brian p. coppo ,uSecond ExaminatioZ Nurn" l October 31. 2000 Please CHECK OFF your laboratory section. _110 H M 1-5 PM A606 CHEM Jonathan Perry _111 A612 CHEM Christine Ciccolini _112 A718 CHEM YiZhu _1 13 A724 CHEM Timothy Murray _121 UROP 'f 8-12 NOON A6'12 CHEM DesireeThayer _122 T 8-12 NOON A742 CHEM Yasar Durust _123 8-12 NOON A730 CHEM Matl Scheisher _150P W 5-9 PM 4606 CHEM Matt Lindemann _151 A630 CHEM Tom Allison _160 WISE TH 8-12 NOON A606 CHEM Heather De Vries _161 TH 8-12 NOON A612 CHEM Scoft Harrison _190 RC F A606 CHEM Sae Bom Lee _191 A612 CHEM Meredith Miller _193 A724 CHEM Christine -194 A742 CHEM Mark Pletcher _210 A618 CHEM Sohee Jeong J11 A624 CHEM ShivaniGuPta 212H A630 CHEM Matt ArtleY _213 A730 CHEM Matt Scheisher _214 A736 CHEM Yasar Durust _220 8-12 NOON A618 CHEM Lars Peerebom -221 8-12 NOON A624 CHEM MichaelDukes 250 4612 CHEM Beth Johnson J51 J53 254H _260 zol 3az Jel Js3 _310 _311H _3',t2 _320 _323 _350 _351 _352 _353 _361 _363 _390 _391 A636 CHEM 5.9 PM A736 CHEM 4718 CHEM TH 8.12 NOON A618 CHEM TH 8.12 NOON A624 CHEM TH 8.12 NOON A736 CHEM 1.5 PM 4624 CHEM 4636 CHEM A642 CHEM A742 CHEM r 8-12 NOON A630 CHEM 8-12 NOON A606 CHEM A618 CHEM A624 CHEM 5-9PM A742CHEM 4724 CHEM TH 8-12NOON A636CHEM TH 8-12NOON A724CHEM Subhashis Biswas Sohee Mark Pletcher Lars Peerebom Michael Dukes Yasar Durust Tony Khouri Ross Smith Rowe Rachel Brooker Tom Allison Heather Andrea Remick Shivani Gupta Yi Zhu Chad Stasik Pawel Pazuchowski Sunil Dourado Timothy Murray Dr. Arthur Ashe III Dr. Gary Glick (1.5 hr., 120 points) Check here if you are NOT taking Chem 211 Ple Signature - Student ID n&pleaseincludethenumberofyour''lecture-only,,sectionw read each question carefully and answer it completely and clearly. Complete Lewis structures are acceptable for answers unless you are given other specific instructions. Precision in drawing is an important skill in the communicatiott of organic chemistry concepts. Double check any three-dimensional representations to ensure you are implying an unequivocal direction of bonding. Do not forget to include important features such as nonbonding lone electron pairs and formal charges when appropriate. The exam has 6 pages in addition to this cover page. A pK, table
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Exam 2 2000 - C hemistry 2 IO p , uSecond E xaminatioZ Dr.B...

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