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Exam 2 2006 Fall - z fcr Cb Ey_o'rtF\et-n 70?o L(Z poi$ts...

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fcr,\\ Cb Ey-_o'r- z tF\et-n 70?o N**re Page I L (Z+poi$ts) A. For eaeh of &e followirg sttrstffres, eheek a$ *e deseriptiors &at apply. no partiat credit ^uf-\ OH \t" J-, l.n-*fC-g.Hr Br CoupoundC .R j \/ .Y "t OH €wpmili {*}esgcwdA... x ,,, RUC rt SrEllrmI|tr . ix miq!€/ hsx no xtcr€{iffi rsaffimffi F ...h** *t la*red{*{ dis$se - ii aa&iel --- ka ec€dkd}t iretfuedide*a* x .- iili tEt liriiBt i*e 3 litttrdanlEl ,,, hfrs firresqdiffikrwrtgr l- 3 (cl Compound C... ... ha*a*enns*io+ner ,,, iE ri441i&l'JiliLw *[email protected]*tffini! .-,ls sfff{rstrlliE(Krd ... h**.ct lq{e+ {rqre striml dia*Gresstr n is zchiral x ... ha*ry.ogkelly bulive &&wr ... tm a*la** tre S akr&€n** ... ha* a rne*oda*ter-eomei- | 3 bsth errems ell ar rwtfuing 09 Er Hec:ztv *."ry Er AsWpC # 1 qcrrylqeq {e} ksvide tbc sffiFbc ITIPA€!}*r!F* lcrc-l$Lrre st€+*&ist-ry w-1-€* eFHqp*-*t*- ftr &:-tFw*d E, {3R,4R} 3,4-dibromo-3,+dimethythexane 26slenw B. Coropcuad Arca&ilytstrdcrgwse.biffialcr:r*ff subffiarriafi rc&#tofirvhe* creeed wifh a$ eryapttete [email protected] reage*t. Provirle tk csrved &rrowrech**iss! for this reeetio* end draw ell plodtrets. ...{I V e:il? tLi DH gredit enly givsrr frr ttrggnie pradnst {b}CmredB.- $| C*wpannd D... ,,. i* uuquel lao no ;leroisorrlcrr ... kr * k* am rihid *ki*GtH .-- hs crc opeiedly inxtivc didema --- b*&b&e* $s&rues*et . EAg An e*4fEcrller ... isilrige/ has n5 sts.tr{ffi ... is a reso emoound ^t*{*M{**i$dlt*W x Gdchidl X --- kes ffe @is{itty insct!?s @66i!s ... hsx $ l9E$J @9 s $.tgfgngmler . has a nrero dia$etEorret f 3
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I Itr {Ze pcrnts} Name Page 2 i Consider these frce energy differenees when assessi"g thd i retativq siabjliiies of yori-chair conforrnaiions.
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  • Trigraph, end draw ell, apply. nopartiat credit, i* uuquel lao, iili tEtliriiBt i*e, B. Coropcuad Arca&ilytstrdcrgwse.biffialcr

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