Exam 2 Extra Test 2

Exam 2 Extra Test 2 - I tt A,f , [o, L h_$ ., t 1J r"!...

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1J r"! f"/ that I tt all letters tlnt aPPIY: A,f , [o, h_$ L., t €\AR{r\**nA15 all letters tlwt aPPtY: Br€,6, T :**'" r)""T.'4L# Ho*. H pr rL iCl Cl n/zfrrcu, Htt:tcr "Q>(., r$*."u CH: CH3 alt letters tlwt aPPIY: t Y, J-, 'r/ ell letters that aPP$: D, G,T- 's{tu, -T- q *r' tq atl letters that , r . .i' ..kol' r r \'-- '\k' #' X *\l s a) Provide fhe complete IUPAC name, including stereochomistry where appropriate, for the compound shown. t- FJ\ o\. t - nvreli'rg€ - i- i*"q:i r ivr ir*:f q*1 { rgr\*gcf* \*"i'!E**;- 1. . .. i,r5v: -' - }{;- '+-U ,,F i r{i*' : i"F\ j *f5(
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"' l t, II. (24points) G)-Menthyl chloride has the structure shown atthe right' A. Draw the tw-o chair co,nformations for fJ-?*Yi ilirli#"ii'1t""ffi "'-u"ro*'uo"n.o*.t"5::q::I-'ll' i'iii"e' tt'":tra "r"dv ;h'* b9F-T*n9.T::'?# uriawur-D 'rv$!$ --* ito-* that have substituents (be positions for ryY 1ne , ^ t' Keq >1 He [" lo - -s2.4 { what would be fiue about the r., .n.,{tl{ \.4! *;n" B. I ffi"n SSo (-)-menrtryl c$gid.e w.e resutting"r"r"o,"fiiltiiii*"r-u",iu'iry?(circiealltlwtapplt) 9"' - q*\,'{6s = H.0PH-cHg 1!,,* \ts \3- 6w{ NaBr rl Iolo =-52.4 "--<4"-- {*:9; [" ]" -o
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Exam 2 Extra Test 2 - I tt A,f , [o, L h_$ ., t 1J r&quot;!...

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