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Chemistry 211 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I Safety Introduction Dress Appropriately (for chemistry lab) DO 9 Tie long hair back. 9 Wear safety goggles at all times ! 9 Fully cover the chest, back, and shoulders. o No bare mid-sections or loose fitting sleeves. 9 Wear bottoms that extend at least to the knee. 9 Have s hoes that fully enclose the feet; o Closed Toe o Closed Sides o Closed Heel o Closed Top DO NOT 9 Leave long hair free . 9 Put safety goggles on your forehead, or on top of your head. 9 Wear backless, sleeveless, fishnet shirts. o No oversized coats, or peasant shirts.
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Unformatted text preview: 9 Wear short shorts or skirts; gym, jean or other varieties. 9 Wear sandals, clogs, crocs, ballet flats, or heels. Wear Personal Protection Equipment At All Times DO 9 Wear Goggles – To protect your eyes. 9 Wear Aprons – To protect your body. 9 Wear Gloves – To protect your hands. DO NOT 9 Remove your goggles for any reason. 9 Wear your aprons into the hall. 9 Wear your gloves when touching anything you want to touch bare handed. o Face, hair, doorknobs, phones....
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