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University of Victoria Economics 104 Principles of Macroeconomics CRNS 14730 Fall 2010 Graham Voss, BEC 370 Office Hours: 10:30–11:30 Tuesday Web Page: web.uvic.ca/ gvoss/ Required Textbook Frank, RH, Bernanke, BS, Osberg, L, Cross, ML, MacLean, BK (2009), Principles of Macroeco- nomics Third Canadian Edition (McGraw-Hill Ryerson: Toronto). The textbook has an online study guide called iStudy . To access iStudy costs an additional $15.00 and can be done online; follow the links at www.mcgrawhill.ca/olc/frankbernanke/ . Or it can be purchased through the bookstore through the NowPrepay system. Purchase of the the study guide is not required. Note that the textbook comes with information about Connect , which is another online study platform. There is no cost for Connect ; however, it is very limited in its material. iStudy is the recommended study guide. Course Webpage Material for the course is available on the course webpage at moodle.uvic.ca/ . There is also a link off my own webpage: web.uvic.ca/ gvoss/ . Lab Classes In addition to the three hours of lecture classes each week, there is also one lab class each week (10 for the semester). All students must register in a lab section for the course. Labs are an opportunity to review and discuss important concepts in a more informal and less
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2011 for the course ECON 104 taught by Professor Voss during the Winter '10 term at University of Victoria.

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2010_F01_104_Outline - University of Victoria Economics 104...

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