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PEDIATRIC Medications charts - PediatricMedications...

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Pediatric Medications Drug- contraindications Dosage Freq/Route Classification Action Indication- purpose Side Effects- Contraindication Nursing Considerations Acetaminophen **Contraindi- cations: Hypersensitivity to  acetamino-phen or  phenacetin; use  with alcohol. Neonate: 10-15mg/kg/ q6-8 /PO Child: <12 yrs 10 to 15 mg/kg q4-6hrs, *** not to exceed five doses (50-75 mg/kg) in 24 hours Non narcotic  analgesic,  antipyretic. *has little effect on  platelet aggregation,  does not affect  bleeding time,  produces no gastric  bleeding Produces analgesia  (mild –moderate pain)  acting in CNS  increasing pain  threshold; reduces fever  acting on Hypotalamus  heat-regulator center  (peripheral vasodilation,  of heat). Mild-moderate  pain. Fever. A norexia,N,V,D,  dizziness, lethargy,  chills, epigastric pain,  hypoglycemia,  hepatotoxicity,   hepatic coma, acute   renal failure,   thrombocytopenic   purpura. LAB: elevation of serum  transminases (ALT,AST),  and bilirubin. Ancef (Cefazolin  sodium)  **Contraindicati-on: Hypersensitivity to  any cephalosporine  and related  antibiotics. Neonate: IV<7d: 40mg/kg/ day/q12h. > 7d: 40-60mg/kg/ day/q8-12hrs. Child: IV/IM 25-100mg/ kg/d/q4-6h  (Max.dose:100mg/kg/d ay) Antibiotic, 1 st  generation of  cephalosporin Inhibits third and final  stage of bacterial cell  wall synthesis, thus  killing the bacterium. Infections : Bone and join,  biliary tract,  prophylaxis),  genital tract ,  skin infect. Anaphilaxis , D,  anorexia, abdominal  cramps, urticaria.    Hx of hypersensibility to  other drugs before therapy. before therapy. creatinine’s changes) Codeine *Contraindication* Hypersensitivity to  codeine or other  morphine derivates,  acute asthma, COPD,  increased intracranial  pressure, head injury,  hepatic or renal  Analgesic: child,  PO/IM/SC:0.5-1mg/kg/q4- 6h(max:60mg/dose) Antitussive: Child,PO:2-6yr 2.5- 5mg/q4-6h  (max:30mg/24h); 6-12yr 6-10mg/q4-6hr  Narcotic(Opiate), Agonist analgesic,  antitusive. Analgesic : Similar to  morphine, but less  depression effect.  Changes perception of  levels in CNS. Antitussive : direct action  on receptors in the cough  center of medulla, also  Relief of mild to  moderately  severe pain,  when pain cannot  be controlled by  nonnarcotic  analgesics, and  to suppress  SOB, resp. depression,  anaphylactoid reaction,  hypotension, N, V,  Constipation, dizziness,  drowsiness, sedation,  lethargy, pruritus,  urinary retention, facial  flushing, restlessness. Record relief of pain and duration 
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PEDIATRIC Medications charts - PediatricMedications...

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