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Biography 1 Biography of Allan Pinkerton By James Groulx University of Phoenix Axia College
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Biography 2 Allan Pinkerton was born in Glasgow, Scotland back in 1819. Pinkerton eventually followed in his father’s footsteps, who were a police officer. In 1842, Allan Pinkerton came to the United States and was working in Illinois building barrels. What kicked off Pinkerton’s career was while working as a barrel builder; he helped the local police department catch a gang of criminals. Pinkerton loved the idea of helping put criminals behind bars, is why he decided to pursue this for a career. It was not long after this incident; he got his first job in the law enforcement field working for the Kane County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois. Shortly after, he was elected county sheriff. Pinkerton later went to Chicago to work for their police department, and eventually got promoted to detective with their agency. After almost two years working as a detective for the Chicago Police Department, Pinkerton started his own Detective agency. Originally, he named his business
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Biography+of+Allan+Pinkerton[1] - Biography 1 Biography of...

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