syllabus - Prof. Pam PHIL 302 Spring 2011 Syllabus, 1...

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Prof. Pam PHIL 302 Spring 2011 Syllabus, 1 Instructor: Dr. Pamela Hood Office: HUM 359 Office Hours: F 8-10am and 2-3pm Voice Mail: TBA E-Mail: Web: iLearn Course Description This course offers a survey of Medieval Christian, Islamic, and Jewish philosophy and covers the time period from 4th century CE to the 14th century CE. Its primary focus will be to examine key philosophical themes in the development of Medieval Philosophy, especially metaphysics, epistemology, theology. We will explore a variety of topics including: the relationship between faith and reason; language and logic; the existence and attributes of God; the metaphysics of universals, divine foreknowledge, determinism and free will. The course traces the historical development of these ideas as well as their philosophical nature. Consequently, while mainly we will study the authors in their chronological order, at times the topical character of the course will afford an opportunity to compare treatment of a particular theory by philosophers across the centuries and religious and cultural perspectives. Prerequisites Prerequisites for this course are PHIL 110 and ENG 214 or their equivalents. Course Objectives The objectives of this course are: to develop student critical reasoning and analytical skills, improve student reading comprehension and writing skills; to acquaint the student with principal Medieval philosophers and movements; to understand fundamental philosophical issues and texts in their historical contexts;
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syllabus - Prof. Pam PHIL 302 Spring 2011 Syllabus, 1...

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