Project Part All In One - PROJECTPARTIII RationName

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PROJECT PART III Ration Name 1) Payout Ratio=Cash Dividends Declared on Common Stock/Net Income Cash Dividends Declared on Common Stock Net Income 2) Return on Common Stockholders's Equity Ratio= (Net Income - Preferred Stock Dividend)/Ave. Common Stockholders' Equity Net Income Preferred Stock Dividend Ave. Common Stockholders' Equity 2007-Com. Stockholders' equity 2006-Com. Stockholders' equity 3) Free Cash Flow= Cash Provided by Operations - Capital Expenditures - Cash Dividends Cash Provided by Operations Capital Expenditures Cash Dividends 4) Current Cash Debt Coverage Ratio=Cash provided by operations/Ave. Current Liabilities Cash provided by operations Ave. Current Liabilities 2007-Current Liabilities 2006-Current Liabilities 5) Cash Debt Coverage Ratio=Cash provided by operations/Ave. Total Liabilities Cash Provided by operations Ave. Total Liabilities  Liability 2007  Liability 2006 6) Price/Earnings Ratio= Stock Price per share/Earnings per Share Stock Price per share Earnings per Share
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TOOTSIE ROLL Industry HERSHEY Company 33.98% 117% 17,542 252,263 The low rate indicates that the company ret 51,625 214,154 its earning for future investment 20.78% 71.60% High ratio shows strong earning from stockh 51,625 214,154 46,520 0 24,572 299,090 TOOTSIE: Y2007=24,586; Y2006=24,558;  HERSEY: Y2007=299,095; Y2006=299,085 24,586 299,095 24,558 299,085 57,755 222,220 90,064 778,836 Free Cash available for paying dividends  14,767 304,353 or expanding operations, also indicates gre 17,542 252,263 to finance new investment and pay addition 1.5 0.51 90,064 778,836 High value indicates good liquidity. 60,092.00
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Project Part All In One - PROJECTPARTIII RationName

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