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Federal Prison Comparison Murcy Vigil University of Phoenix Introduction to Corrections CJA/234 November 4, 2010 Nila Neat
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Federal Prison Comparison Over time many famous criminal have been made known all over the United States, from the least dangerous as Martha Stewart and Ivan Boesky with white collar crimes to the most dangerous criminals as Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and Manuel Noriega. Also Known gang lords and made an impact on our federal prison systems over the years. Al Capone and John Gotti are two very famous gang bosses’ that were both sent to federal prison. Depending on the severity of the crimes committed by these criminals, depends on the amount of security they will need in prison and what prison they were to spend their time in, most being the rest of their lives. There are five different levels in the federal prisons system. The lowest of the security levels are Minimum Security. These are federal prison camps and are usually located adjacent other federal prisons. The second level is low security called federal correctional institutions, these feature double fences and dormitory style housing. Medium security is the third in line and has stronger perimeters the previous two. They have cell housing and greater internal control over prisoners. High securities are the fourth and also are the U.S. penitentiaries. They are very similar to other penitentiaries in the way they look. The fifth and more complex of the five are known as the Administrative security. The administrative house inmates that have special purpose such as illegal aliens awaiting deportation and medical cases
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Federal_Prision_Comparison[1] - Federal Prison Comparison...

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