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1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment 4 Final Draft October 25, 2007 The Effects of Media If a stereotype is presented in the right way, anyone can believe anything. That is why the media has such a lasting effect on our culture and society. It can take a story, twist it around in a way they find more interesting and sell the story to the country, sometimes even the world. Beth Loffreda talks about how the media played a much bigger role in the aftermath of the crime against Matthew Shepard in the small town of Laramie in her story Losing Matt Shepard . After such a devastating event in such a small community, the last thing Laramie needed was national attention; they got that and much more this time around. Although the attention was not completely warranted, there were productive things that came out of all the interest. Deborah Tannen, who wrote “The Roots of Debate in Education and the Hope of Dialogue,” would see the media as a productive form of communication in this situation, regardless of all the double standards and all the false dichotomies that came out of it. Beth Loffreda and Deborah Tannen would both see the media’s positive productivity in this situation because although the media did blow some things out of proportion, it brought attention to the right issues and got most of the country except for the anti-gay community thinking about the right things. Picking sides when there are two opposite views to an argument can become very tedious and frustrating. When Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered, it caused uproar not just in Laramie, but also around the country. With all due respect, this uproar was attributed not only to the vicious nature of the attack, but it was also because of the media attention given to the story. “But the crime, and Laramie, had already begun to take on a
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2 second life, a broadcast existence barely tethered to the truths of that night or this place, an existence nourished less by facts and far more by the hyperboles of tabloid emotion”(Loffreda 317). What Beth Loffreda is trying to convey to the readers here is the media’s deceptive and powerful nature. The “second life” Loffreda speaks of represents the second face Laramie was given by the media. One face was the small, quiet town that it was while the other was the evil town filled with hatred towards homosexuals. This is the lasting effect that the media has on our culture. The country saw the second face of Laramie while everyone in Laramie knew the truth about what the town really was about. Perhaps the media is sending the wrong message to the country. However, in my opinion,
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expos rough draft 4 - 1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment...

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