Act 2 Othello

Act 2 Othello - Act 2 Enter Montano Montano looking out a...

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Act 2 Enter Montano Montano looking out a window onto the city waiting for any news of the conflict. A Gentleman enters Gentleman: “My lord, the police have broken up the conflict. There will not be a brawl over the negotiations.” Montano turns from the window looking elated. Gentleman: “Othello’s friend Cassio has returned quickly but is troubled at the lack of news about Othello.” Montano gestures to exit the door to go meet Cassio Cassio enters Cassio: “Thank all for their efforts and may god protect Othello as he navigates the streets of this city.” There is a noise in the distance and shouts of “I see him!” Cassio: “That surely must be Othello.” The gentleman exits to learn the truth of the man spotted by the neighbors. Montano and Cassio talk in the background. The gentleman returns. Gentleman: “It is Iago!” Cassio “He arrived quickly.” Cassio looks at his watch. “Desdemona must have urged him to arrive quickly.” Montano looks puzzled at the mention of Desdemona. Cassio: “Othello’s wife. She is friends with Iago’s wife. Enter Desdemona, Emilia, Iago, Rodrigo. Cassio gestures a welcome. Desdemona thanks Cassio. Then Desdemona looks around the men in the room searching for her husband. Cassio shakes his head Cassio: “He has not yet arrived. We were separated. Look, a car approaches!” Squints eyes and points in general direction Iago and Desdemona talk, Desdemona is laughing and Iago appears serious Desdemona: “Emilia, don’t listen to him even if he is your husband” Turns to tell Emelia this. Cassio kisses Desdemona. Iago steps away and begins to wring his hands, evil stare to the audience. Iago: “I see it now, I have caught them together, perhaps I can convince the Irish brute that she is unfaithful!” Cassio: turns and points in the same direction the previous car came from “Look, maybe that is Othello’s car!”
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Enter Othello . Desdemona runs to Othello and hugs him. While Desdemona and Othello embrace Iago looks contemplative and shouts a hateful look at him. Othello: “
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Act 2 Othello - Act 2 Enter Montano Montano looking out a...

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