Act 3 Othello

Act 3 Othello - Act 3 Cassio and the Clown enter Cassio...

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Act 3 Cassio and the Clown enter Cassio: ”Here is some money. Now go ask if Emilia will speak with me.” The clown exits and Iago enters Cassio: ”I have just sent for your wife. I hope she will help me win over Desdemona.” Iago: “I will send her to you and keep Othello away so your conversation is private.” Cassio thanks Iago and Iago exits Cassio talks out loud to himself: “I have never known a more honest man than Iago.” Emilia enters and the two speak. Cassio: “I wish to have a brief conversation with Desdemona alone. Can you arrange this? Emilia: gestures to Come in and she will bring Desdemona down. Cassio thanks Emilia and they both exit Enter Desdemona, Emilia and Cassio. Desdemona: “I will do all I can you help you Cassio” Emilia: “Iago plagues himself as well, as if it were his burden, not yours.” Desdemona: “I will try you win back your favor with Othello. Cassio: What ever happens I will owe it all to you. Desdemona: “I will pester Othello until you are reinstated all day and night he will hear my voice pleading your case. Othello and Iago enter on the side of the stage. Emilia: “look our husbands are here.” Cassio: Then I shall leave. Cassio slinks off. Othello and Iago have been observing the conversation. Iago: That looks suspicious. Othello turns to look at Iago with a questioning expression. Iago shrugs nodding but hesitates. Othello: Was that Cassio sneaking off? Iago shakes his head No and says stuff like of course not. It can’t be. Etc. Othello nods yes it was. Othello and Iago approach their wives. Othello and Iago speak to each other, in the distance, Emelia, Cassio, and Desdemona talk. Othello “Is that my wife over there, talking with Cassio?” Othello Points to Desdemona who takes no notice of his query. Iago shrugs and plays off his question but hides the truth in a suggestive manner. Desdemona returns to Iago and Othello Desdemona “Please let Cassio return to your service!” Othello is hesitant, Desdemona pleading. Eventually nods in agreement
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Iago returns. Othello and Iago speak Iago “Othello, I am beginning to question Cassio’s character.” Othello looks alarmed. Othello
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Act 3 Othello - Act 3 Cassio and the Clown enter Cassio...

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