Act 4 Othello

Act 4 Othello - Act 4 Scene 1 (pg 193-199) Othello and Iago...

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Act 4 Scene 1 (pg 193-199) Othello and Iago enter. Iago: Do you think they have kissed secretly? Othello angers out of jealousy. Iago: She is free to give away the handkerchief anyone once it is hers. Othello holds his head in agony and becomes upset. Iago: Cassio has confessed to me already. Othello falls to the floor and starts to shake while mumbling to himself while Iago looks on in satisfaction. After a moment pokes him to try and bring him back to reality. Iago: How are you feeling? Othello: Are you making fun of me? Iago shakes his head and pretends to hold in laughter. Iago: Just keep in mind that you are not the first man to be cheated on by his wife. At least you are aware of it. Othello: I am out for revenge. Othello leaves Iago speaking out loud I shall use Bianca . Cassio likes her and when speaking Cassio’s smiles and thoughts of Bianca will be misinterpreted as thought of Desdemona in Othello’s jealous eyes. Iago greets Cassio To Cassio: Keep talking to Desdemona and you might regain your position in the labor union. But if Bianca was the one in power your job would be yours quite quickly. Cassio laughs at that comment and shakes his head. Othello watching from the distance cannot hear the words of the conversation and assumes that Iago and Cassio are discussing Desdemona. Othello makes angry faces and stamps his foot, etc. Iago : I’ve never known a woman that loved one so much. Cassio continues to laugh and shake his head. Othello: still misinterpreting the conversation Now he is denying her and laughing about it. Iago and Cassio continue to talk and Cassio continues to smile, laugh,etc. Cassio begins to act out Bianca’s clinginess and attachment to Cassio Iago: look here she comes Bianca enters Cassio: Why do you keep bothering me? To Iago
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Act 4 Othello - Act 4 Scene 1 (pg 193-199) Othello and Iago...

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