Act 4 pg 193-199

Act 4 pg 193-199 - satisfaction. After a moment pokes him...

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Act 4 Scene 1 (pg 193-199) Othello and Iago enter. Iago: Do you think they have kissed secretly? Othello angers out of jealousy. Iago: She is free to give away the handkerchief anyone once it is hers. Othello holds his head in agony and becomes upset. Iago: Cassio has confessed to me already. Othello falls to the floor and starts to shake while mumbling to himself while Iago looks on in
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Unformatted text preview: satisfaction. After a moment pokes him to try and bring him back to reality. Iago: How are you feeling? Othello: Are you making fun of me? Iago shakes his head and pretends to hold in laughter. Iago: Just keep in mind that you are not the first man to be cheated on by his wife. At least you are aware of it....
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