Act 5 Othello

Act 5 Othello - Pgs 241-253[Emlia waves Desdemona off...

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Pgs 241-253 [Emlia waves Desdemona off. Desdemona looks very depressed. Emilia looks worried. Desdemona gestures that Emilia needs to help her get undressed. Emilia walks over to Desdemona and helps her.] Desdemona: This Lodovico is a fine man; he’s very intelligent. [Emilia nods in agreement. Desdemona looks depressed. She hand Emilia some clothes to put away and gestures her out of the room.] Desdemona: [in despair] Oh, Emilia, do you honestly think that some women are unfaithful to their husbands? [Emilia nods yes] Desdemona: Why? Emilia: Wouldn’t you? [Desdemona shakes her head. Emilia laughs as if she would have an affair. Desdemona looks at her in disbelief.] Emilia: Of course I would! If cheating made my husband the next Boss Tweed, I would definitely do it! Desdemona: Oh, I wouldn’t! Emilia: Husbands treat their wives horribly everyday, and they’re still allowed to chase other woman, even though we have the same desires as they do! Let them treat us well or get a taste of their own medicine1 [Desdemona, not really listening to her, dismisses Emilia. They say goodnight to each other and leave.] Act Five In a street in the city. [Enter Iago and Roderigo. Iago positions Roderigo behind a vendor stand and shows him how effectively kill Cassio. Roderigo looks scared. Iago pats Roderigo on the back, and withdraws. Rodergio crouches down. Iago is behind him, with that scheming look on his face. Iago mimes hearing Cassio coming. Cassio enters. Roderigo jumps out trys to stab Cassio but misses. Cassio looks furious. He draws his sword and wounds Roderigo. Iago jumps out behind Cassio and wounds him. Cassio drops to the ground. Othello enters. Othello looks delighted that it is Cassio’s voice he hears. ] Othello: Excellent, Iago. Desdemona, your damnation approaches quickly. [Othello leaves. Lodovico and Gratiano enter. They both hear Cassio’s voice. Iago enters with a torch. He acts as if he’s just woken up. He looks at the men questioningly. They shrug their shoulders. They peer around the darkness. Iago spots Cassio and runs to his side. Iago beckons to Lodovico and Gratiano to help him. Cassio Identifies Roderigo as his attacker. Iago leaps up and stabs Roderigo. Iago shines the light in Lodovico’s face and recognizes him. Iago hands the torch to Gratiano and looks at Cassio. Cassio grabs
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Act 5 Othello - Pgs 241-253[Emlia waves Desdemona off...

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