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Act 5 pg 279-285 - Othello Searches for a weapon I have a...

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Act 5 Scene 2 (pg 279-285) Othello: Starts Pacing. Iago heard Cassio’s confession of adultery! I saw the handkerchief with my own eyes. Emilia realizes her part in the death of Desdemona and gets on her hands and knees and begins to cry. Iago yells at her to be silent and Emilia retaliates by yelling at Iago as Iago points in the direction of the house, motioning for her to go home. She refuses and he tries to stab her. Gratiano intervenes and Emilia yells at Othello. Emilia: You Idiot! I found the handkerchief and gave it to my husband at his request . Iago tries to silence her again. In his anger Othello tries to stab Iago but is stopped and disarmed by Montano. While they are distracted, Iago stabs Emilia but Gratiano sees and tries to warn the others. Emilia is fallen but gasps weakly and Iago runs off stage. Montano: I will go after the villain. Someone guard the door. All exit except Othello and Emilia who crawls beside Desdemona’s body and dies.
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Unformatted text preview: Othello: Searches for a weapon. I have a Spanish sword in here somewhere. After he finds it he approaches the door where Gratiano is guarding. When Gratiano sees Othello approaching he draws his sword. Othello begins to rant to himself, Desdemona, and Gratiano while pacing. He touches her face and falls to his knees wailing while Gratiano retreats in fear. Lodovico, Cassio (supported by the others) Montano, and Iago (guarded) enter. Lodovico points to Othello and he steps forward. Othello: Glares at Iago. If you are truly a devil I should not be able to kill you. Othello attacks and wounds Iago. Lodicivo and the other wrestle the sword away from Othelo. Iago glares at him while clutching the wound. Iago: I am bleeding but not dead. Othello: Good. You should suffer as I have before the sweet release of death....
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