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Othello Complete Script2

Othello Complete Script2 - Act 1 Stage should be set up...

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Act 1 Stage should be set up with screen at the back of the stage with projector. Props should be located behind the screen. During the production, all actors will mime words as they appear on the screen. Additionally, player piano music should be audible during the production. A note on this production: For the sake of storyline preservation, the character known as “Duke of Venice” will henceforth be referred to as “President of Union” or “Worker Union President” Scene 1 Enter Iago and Roderigo Roderigo shouts angrily, waving his arms, stomping, etc. Iago "The idiot Michael Cassio has been chosen over me." Iago rants about losing the job. Roderigo also rants about his hatred of Othello. Iago motions agreement with Roderigo and consoles him Roderigo “Then why do you still work for him?” Iago “I want to get even. Let’s go bring Othello’s future father-in-law the bad news.” Iago and Roderigo leave for Brabantio’s house. Brabantio’s Home Brabantio waves arms at Iago and Brabantio pushes Roderigo away from the house Roderigo “You have been robbed.” Iago “As we speak, the Irish brute is with your daughter.” Brabantio “Villain.” Roderigo kneels offering himself up to Brabantio showing his loyalty. Brabantio goes inside to look for Desdemona--stomping. Iago disappears to the darkness to visit Othello. Iago exits. Brabantio returns in a panic horrified. Brabantio gestures to the other characters in a rage shouting at everyone including himself for Desdemona’s disappearance. Brabantio gestures to the neighbors and servants to follow him on a quest to find Othello. Roderigo leads the pack of gathering servants and neighbors. All exit. Iago and Othello enter. Iago “Are you married? If so, her father will not let it last.” Othello “Let him come and do his worst. I love Desdemona.” Othello gestures to the window seeing a group of people are approaching. Cassio enters. Cassio - 1 -
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“There is an urgent situation at the factory. You are needed.” Othello glances out the window again seeing more people through the window. Cassio and Iago talked in the background about Othello’s recent marriage. Brabantio enters. Brabantio “Attack that thief.” Brabantio points to Othello Both groups draw their weapons. However, Othello stops them before there is a fight. Brabantio “You have tainted my daughter!” Othello “I will answer any questions you have.” Cassio “Brabantio you are also needed by the President of the Union.” All exit to go to the Union President. The Union president and Senators enter--a chamber official mimes business--papers rustle. Senator #1 “They are planning to strike in the morning!” Brabantio, Othello, and Iago enter. President of union “Othello, we need you to lead a strike against the shoe factory immediately!” Brabantio “Never mind the strike! My daughter has been taken.” The President of the workers union looks around, questioning what Brabantio is talking about. Brabantio points accusingly to Othello. The Union President looks accusingly at
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