Unit 4 Nomenclature


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Unformatted text preview: INORGANIC NOMENCLATURE NOMENCLATURE NAMING COMPOUNDS Unit 4 (Ch 9) Metal - Nonmetal Metal Compound name must contain two words. Nonmetal ending is changed to –ide. Hydrogen – hydride Boron – boride Oxygen – oxide Arsenic – arsenide Sulfur – sulfide Examples. Binary Compounds Binary Oxidation Numbers. 1A = +1 2A = +2 3A = +3 3A 4A = +/-4 5A = -3 6A = -2 7A = -1 7A 8A = 0 Binary Compounds: contain only two Binary different elements. different Ending of the second word is always –ide. Examples. Balancing the Formula Balancing Balance the electrical charge. Use the subscripts to balance the Use oxidations and the formula. oxidations Formula for balancing: -(subscript)(charge) = (subscript) (charge) Easy way: Cross and reduce if Easy possible. possible. Examples. Cl Na + NH4+ K+ Ca+2 Mg+2 Zn+2 Fe+3 Al+3 Co+3 Fe+2 H+ CO3-2 OH - SO4-2 PO4-3 NO3- Ternary Compounds Ternary Compounds containing three or more Compounds different elements. different Use polyatomics or radicals in the name Use and formula. and Place parentheses around the polyatomic. Endings of polyatomics. -ate or –ite -ide 90% 10% Do not change the endings of the Do polyatomics. polyatomics. Examples. Using Transition Metals Using Roman Numerals. Represent the oxidation number of Represent the metal. the Example: Metal (II) nonmetal. Examples. Nonmetal / Nonmetalides Nonmetal Prefixes: 1-mono 2-di 3-tri 4-tetra 4-tetra 5-penta 6-hexa 7-hepta 8-octa 5-penta 7-hepta 9-nona 10-deca If the first element is in the nonmetal If region of the periodic table then use the prefixes – subscripts. prefixes Examples. Binary Compounds Binary Group A metal + nonmetal Name the metal. Name the nonmetal by changing the ending to Name -ide. -ide. Group B metal + nonmetal Name the metal and follow it with a Roman Name Numeral to indicate its charge in the compound. compound. Name the nonmetal by changing the ending to Name -ide. -ide. Nonmetal + nonmetal Prefixes. Acids Acids Binary Acids Start with a hydrogen in the formula. Hydrogen + a nonmetal. Use hydro to represent hydrogen. Name the nonmetal by changing the Name ending to –ic. ending Examples. Acids Acids Ternary Acids Hydrogen + a nonmetal (with oxygen) Use the name of the polyatomic. Change the ending based on the Change following: following: If the polyatomic ends in –ate then If change to –ic. change If it ends in –ite then change to –ous. If it ends in –ide then change to –ic. Examples. Is it a metal, nonmetal, or H? Is Prefixes Group B Acids Group A Group (1A, 2A, or aluminum) aluminum) Metal (Roman #) + Nonmetal (-ide) Binary H + ele Ternary H + polyatomic Metal + Nonmetal (-ide) Hydro____ic acid Polyatomic acid ide or ate = ic ite = ous ...
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