Unit 16 Redox


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Unformatted text preview: OXIDATION-REDUCTION EQUATIONS EQUATIONS REDOX EQUATIONS What are oxidation and reduction? reduction? • Oxidation is the process by which a Oxidation substance loses one or more electrons. substance • Reduction is the process by which a Reduction substance gains one or more electrons. substance • Because oxidation and reduction occur Because together, reactions in which electrons are transferred between reactants are called oxidation-reduction reactions, or simply redox reactions. redox What is the oxidation number of each element? of • K2Cr2O7 • SO2 • Al(NO3)3 • K2SO4 • H2SO4 What is an oxidizing or reducing agent? reducing • An oxidizing agent causes the oxidation An of another substance by accepting electrons from that substance. electrons – The oxidizing agent contains the atom that The shows a decrease in oxidation number. shows – The oxidizing agent is reduced. • A reducing agent causes reduction by providing electrons to another substance. substance. – Shows an increase in oxidation number. Examples Examples Identify which is oxidized and which is Identify reduced. Identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. reducing • Cu + 2AgNO3 • 3H2S + 2HNO3 • Zn + CuCl2 • C + 2Cl2 • H2 + Cl2 CCl4 2HCl Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag 3S + 2NO + 4H2O ZnCl2 + Cu ...
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