Chapter 13 US

Chapter 13 US - Chapter 13: Changes on the Western Frontier...

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Chapter 13: Changes on the Western Frontier Section 1: Cultures Clash on the Prairie *Great Plains - the grassland extending through the West central portion of the US. -Tribes would hunt and plant crops-they settled in small villages. -They would trade with other tribes in the plains. (Clothing and tools) The Horse and the Buffalo -As Native Americans acquired horses and guns, they were able to travel further and hunt more efficiently. -By the 1700s, almost all of the farmers left their farms to hunt buffalo . -Tribes fought each other when they trespassed on the other's lands. -Native Americans made tepees from buffalo hides and also used the skin and fur to make blankets, shoes, and clothes. Family Life -Young men trained to become hunters and warriors. -Plain Indians believed that powerful spirits controlled events in the natural world. -No individual was allowed to dominate a group. Settlers Pushed Westward -The culture of white settlers differed in many ways from that of the Native Americans on the plains. -As white settlers claimed land they claimed that the Native Americans had forfeited their rights to land because they hadn't settled down to “improve” it. The Government Restricts Native Americans -In 1834, the federal government passed an act that designated the entire Great Plains as one an enormous *Reservation - or land set-aside for Native American tribes. -Then in 1850 the government changed its policy and created treaties that defined specific boundaries for each tribe. -This led to clashes between Native Americans and settlers. Massacre at Sand Creek -1864- was one of the most tragic events at the Sand Creek Reserve in CO. -US army attacked and killed over 150 people- mostly women and children. Death on the Bozeman Trail *Red Cloud - a Sioux chief who had unsuccessfully appealed to the government to end white settlement. -In December 1866 a warrior named *Crazy horse ambushed *Captain William J. Fetterman at Lodge Trail Ridge. -Native Americans called this the Battle of the Hundred Slain
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Chapter 13 US - Chapter 13: Changes on the Western Frontier...

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