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Chapter 19 US - Chapter 19: The First World War -As the war...

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Chapter 19: The First World War -As the war intensified the US was forced to abandon its neutrality. Causes of World War I *Nationalism - a devotion to the interests and culture of one's nation. -Many-feared Germany's growing power. *Imperialism - extending economic and political control over various peoples of the world. -As Germany industrialized, it competed with France and Britain for colonies. *Militarism - the development of Armed Forces and there use as a tool of diplomacy. -By 1890, the strongest nation in Europe was Germany. -Germany and Great Britain also began to compete for naval power. -France, Italy, Japan and the US quickly joined in the race for naval power. Alliance System *The Triple Entente , or the Allies - France, Great Britain, and Russia. *The Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. -Germany and Austria-Hungary, together with the Ottoman Empire (controlled by the Turks) were later known as *The Central Powers . (Bad Guys) An Assassination Leads to War (June 1914) *Archduke Franz Ferdinand - the heir to the Austrian throne was in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, when a member of the “Black Hand ” organization shot him. (Siberian nationalists) -Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. -Then because of the alliances at that time, one nation after another joined the fighting. -Russia then declared war on Austria-Hungary. -Germany declared war on Russia then on France. -Great Britain declared war on Germany. The Fighting Starts -August 1914 - Germany invades Belgium , they follow the *Schlieffen Plan - a quick drive through Belgium to get to Paris, that would make France fall, then they would use two armies to defeat the Russians. -1st battle - *The Marne -September 1914- the Allies were not able to save Belgium, but they did stop Germany at the Marne River in France. *Trench Warfare - where armies fought short distances away from each other. This went on for 3 years. *"No Man's Land "- an unoccupied region between the two armies. Americans Question Neutrality -The US public was not in favor of a war that had nothing to do with them and that was 3,000 miles away. -Although, the US didn't want the Allies to win. -Many naturalized US citizens followed the war closely. Many supported their former countries. -Many Americans felt close to Great Britain- with common ancestry, language, similar Democratic institutions, and legal systems. -Stronger economic ties with the Allies- during war trade increased with the Allies. 1
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The War Hits Home -By 1917, America had mobilized for war against the Central Powers for two reasons: 1. To ensure Allied repayment of debts to the US. 2.
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Chapter 19 US - Chapter 19: The First World War -As the war...

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