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Chapter 24 US - Chapter 24: World War II Looms Section 1:...

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Section 1: Dictators Threaten World Peace -The rise of rulers with total power in Europe and Asia led to WWII. Nationalism Grips Europe and Asia Failures of the WWI Peace Settlement -The Treaty of Versailles caused anger and resentment for Germans. -The problems overwhelmed the *Weimar Republic - the democratic government set up in Germany after WWI. -The Soviets were also mad about the carving up of parts of Russia. -In Europe, without a democratic tradition, people turned to authoritarian leaders to solve their economic and social problems. -The new democracies collapsed and dictators were able to seize power. Joseph Stalin Transforms the Soviet Union -A civil war in Russia resulted in the establishment of a communist state. *Joseph Stalin - whose last name means, “man of steel ”. -Stalin focused on both agricultural and industrial growth. -He abolished all privately owned farms and replaced them with collectives-large-government-owned farms, each worked by hundreds of families. -He wanted to transform the Soviet Union from a backward rural nation into a great industrial power . -1928 Stalin outlined the first of several “5-year plans ” to direct the industrialization. -By 1937 it had become the world’s 2 nd largest industrial power. (US 1 st ) -The human costs of this were enormous. -Stalin’s purge : between 8-13 million killed. -By 1939 a *Totalitarian government maintained control over its citizens where individuals have no rights, and the government suppresses all opposition. The Rise of Fascism in Italy *Benito Mussolini - established a totalitarian regime in Italy, where unemployment and inflation produced bitter strikes, some communist led. -By 1921, Mussolini had established the Fascist Party . *Fascism - stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above these of individuals. -Believed that power must rest with a single strong leader and a small group of devoted party members. -Known as “Black Shirts .” The Nazis Take Over Germany *Adolf Hitler - had followed a path to power similar to Mussolini’s -1919- he joined a struggling group call the *National Socialist German Workers Party - better known as the Nazi Party . -Had no ties to socialism. -Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle)- which set forth the basic beliefs of *Nazism - the German brand of fascism based on extreme nationalism. -Believed in “purification ”- especially blue-eyed, blonde-haired “Aryans ” formed a “master race ” that was destined to rule the world. -“Inferior races ” such as Jews, slaves, and all non-whites, were deemed fit only to serve the Aryans -National Expansion - believed that for Germany to thrive, it needed more lebensraum , or living space. -1932, the Nazis had become the strongest political party in Germany.
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Chapter 24 US - Chapter 24: World War II Looms Section 1:...

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