Chapter 25 US ND

Chapter 25 US ND - Chapter 25: The US in World War II...

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Chapter 25: The US in World War II Section 1: Mobilizing for defense -Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, US mobilized for war. Americans join War effort -Japan believed that the US was “Trembling in her shoes” after the attack on Pearl Harbor. -“Remember Pearl Harbor”, nothing could be farther from the truth. Selective Service & The GI -Eager young Americans jammed recruiting offices. -Draft was expanded. Expanding the Military *George Marshall - Army Chief of Staff General for the formation of a *Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) - To serve in noncombat positions. -The bill became law in May 1942. -1943-“auxiliary ” was dropped from the name and they were granted full US Army benefits. -WAC’S were nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, electricians and pilots. Recruiting & Discrimination -Some minorities questioned whether this was their war to fight. -300,000 Mexican Americans joined the armed forces. -1 million AF’s- lived and worked in segregated units and mostly noncombat roles -They were finally able to combat in the last year of the war. -13,000 Chinese Americans . -33,000 Japanese Americans - thousands volunteered to serve as spies and interpreters. -25,000 Native Americans , including 800 woman. A Production Miracle -1942- auto production for private use ended. The Industrial Response -Factories were quickly converted to war production. -Liberty ships (cargo carriers). Labors Contribution -By 1944, despite the draft, nearly 18 million workers were laboring in war industries- 3 times as many in 1941. -More than 6 million were women. -Women earned only 60% as much as men. -2 million minority workers. -75% of defense workers refused to hire AF’s. *A. Philip Randolph - Pres. And founder of the Brotherhood of sleeping car porters and the nations most respected AF- labor leader, organized a march on Washington to demand the Right to work and fight for the US. -After meeting w/FDR, an agreement was made to cancel the march. -FDR issued an executive order calling on employers and labor union, “to provide for the full and equitable participation of al workers in defense industries, w/o discrimination b/c of race, creed, color, or natural origin.” Mobilization of Scientist’s -1941- FDR created the *Office of Scientific Research and development (OSDR)- to bring scientist into the war effort. -It spurred improvements on radar, Sonar, and other new tech. -Pushed for the development of miracle drug, such as Penicillin . 1
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*Manhattan Project - was the code name for research work on the atomic bomb . Albert Einstein had warned FDR that German Scientist succeeded in splitting uranium atoms, releasing an enormous amount of Energy. -1941- FDR created an Advisory Committee on Uranium to study it. The Federal Govt. takes control
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Chapter 25 US ND - Chapter 25: The US in World War II...

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