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Chapter 30 US - Chapter 30 The Vietnam War Years Section 1...

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Chapter 30: The Vietnam War Years Section 1: Moving Toward Conflict -To stop the spread of communism in Southeast Asia, the US used its military to support South Vietnam. America Supports France in Vietnam -Americans became involved in Vietnam in 1950, during the French Indochina War , the name given to France’s attempt to reestablish its rule in Vietnam after WWII. -To help France fight the spread of communism, the US provided the French with massive economic and military support. French Rule in Vietnam -From the late 1800’s until WWII, France ruled most of Indochina, including Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia. -The Indo-Chinese Communism Party, founded in 1930, staged a # of revolts under the leadership of *Ho Chi Minh . -He was condemned to death for his rebellion activity, but fled Vietnam & was exiled. -In 1940 the Japanese took control of Vietnam. -Ho Chi Minh returned to help form the *Vietminh - an organization whose goal it was to win Vietnams independence from foreign rule. -France had no intention of relinquishing its former colony. -French troops moved back in to Vietnam in 1945 & reestablish control in the cities & in the countries southern half. -In 1950, the US entered the Vietnam struggle. Lt. Col. *A. Peter Dewey - was sent to assess the explosive situation in Vietnam. He believed that the French & British were not going to be able to hold on to it & that the US should clear out of SE Asia. -He was presumed to be a French soldier by Vietnamese soldiers & was shot in the head. -Dewey was the first American to die in Vietnam. -President Truman sent $15 million in economic aid to France. -Over the next 4 years, the US pumped more than $1 billion into the effort to defeat a man America had once supported. -The US had come to view its one-time ally as a communism aggressor. -President Eisenhower continued Truman’s policy of supplying aid to the French war Effort in 1953. -The US would just settle on a stalemate in communist Korea. (1950-1953) -Ike’s *Domino theory - is where he linked the countries on the brink of communism to a row of dominoes waiting for one to fall after the other. -Despite the massive US aid, the French could not retake Vietnam. 1
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-French surrendered in May of 1954, when the Vietminh overran the French outpost at *Dien Bien Phu - in northwest Vietnam. *Geneva Accords - a 1954 peace agreement that divided Vietnam into communism controlled North Vietnam, lead by Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, & a non-communist South Vietnam in Saigon until unification elections could be held in 1956. -This temporally divided Vietnam along the 17 th parallel.
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