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Chapter 33 US - Chapter 33 The Conservative Tide Section 1...

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Chapter 33: The Conservative Tide Section 1: A Conservative Movement Emerges -Conservatism reached a high point with the election in 1980 of President Reagan and Vice President Bush. The Conservative Movement Builds *Entitlement Programs - a government program such as Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid that guarantees and provides benefits to a specific group. *The New Right - a late 20 th century alliance of conservative special-interest groups concerned with cultural, social, and moral issues. -Right-wing grassroots groups. -Focused its energy on controversial issues, such as opposing abortion, blocking the Equal Rights Amendment, and evading court ordered busing. -It also called for a return of school prayer, which was outlawed by the Supreme Court in 1962. -Many criticized the policy of *Affirmative action - which required employers and education institutions to give special consideration to women, African Americans, and other minority groups, even though these people were not necessarily better qualified. -Many considered it as a form of *Reverse discrimination - favoring one group over another on the basis of race on gender. *Conservative Coalition- an alliance formed in the mid-1960s of right wing groups opposed to big government. *Moral Majority - a political alliance of religious groups, consisting mainly of evangelical and fundamentalists Christians, that was active in the 1970’s and 80’s, condemning liberal attitudes and behavior and raising money for conservative candidates. (Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson) Goals of the Conservative Movement -Shrink government and reduce spending. -Promote family values and patriotic ideals. -Stimulate business by reducing government regulations and lowering taxes. -Strengthen the national defense. -In 1976, *Ronald Reagan - lost the republic nomination to the incumbent, Gerald Ford. -In 1980, Reagan won the nomination, and chose George H.W. Bush as his running mate. -Reagan was a New Deal democrat that had become a conservative Republican during the 1980’s. -1966 and 1970, Reagan was elected governor of California. -In 1980 he was elected president. He was a true believer in less government, lower taxes, and traditional values; Reagan worked to translate the conservative agenda into public policy. 1
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Section 2: Conservative Policies under Reagan and Bush -President Reagan and Bush pursued a conservative agenda that included tax cuts; budget cuts, and increased defense spending. “Reaganomics” Takes Over
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Chapter 33 US - Chapter 33 The Conservative Tide Section 1...

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